Forest City – New East Baltimore Partnership


Selected through a public process initiated by the city and state, Forest City – New East Baltimore Partnership (FC NEBP) is a group of national and local real estate developers. With an experienced team of principals, FC NEBP has a range of projects that span the real estate spectrum (commercial, retail, residential) and many US markets. Successful developments range from iconic urban buildings to new master-planned communities across the country. FC NEBP feels privileged to be entrusted with the responsibility of developing this important effort in East Baltimore.

With the support of EBDI, Johns Hopkins, The City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland and Baltimore’s philanthropic foundations, FC NEBP is taking the vision of the community and laying the foundation for residents to live, work, and learn. Understanding the importance of heritage, FC NEBP is committed to honoring the legacy of East Baltimore by helping maintain the strong sense of place that will also attract new homeowners and businesses.

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