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HHPic1Henderson-Hopkins is an extraordinary university-community collaboration to further the redevelopment of an East Baltimore neighborhood by designing and operating a new K-8 school.
The Johns Hopkins University School of Education, in partnership with the Morgan State University School of Education and Urban Studies will be lending their expertise to build a highly effective, evidence-based curriculum and innovative programs. Both institutions are committed to making the school one of the highest performing in Baltimore City, ensuring that it serves as a model for high performance that benefits a diverse, mixed-income community of students and families. Helping tell the story of East Baltimore, the East Baltimore Historical Library will be housed within Henderson-Hopkins.
A crucial ingredient for economic success is the chance to take part in further education and occupational training. For this reason, the EBDI Workforce Pipeline is offering qualified applicants free training in a number of areas, including building construction, science and biotechnology. Upon completion, program graduates will be eligible for placement in career focused apprenticeships and paid positions.

Henderson-Hopkins School

HHPic4The 120,000 square foot Henderson-Hopkins School will play a key part in making Baltimore’s single largest redevelopment a vital and thriving place to live and work. The Elmer A. Henderson: A Johns Hopkins Partnership School is an extraordinary university-community collaboration to further revitalize an East Baltimore neighborhood by designing and operating a new K-8 school while at the same time providing an important gathering place for those who live and work in the area. The design adapts each classroom and common-space to a specific grade-level’s evolving needs. It will incorporate active exterior learning spaces including science and art terraces, roof gardens, playing fields, a student gallery, weather stations and an orchard. All the while, the design pays homage to historic East Baltimore, integrating it into the existing landscape to provide both a familiar and exciting indoor and outdoor learning environment.

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The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Early Childhood Center

HHPic2The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Early Childhood Center (ECC) at the Henderson-Hopkins Campus, operated by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education (SOE), characterizes a unique university-assisted community partnership that has the extraordinary potential to create a high-performing early learning site that serves a diverse, mixed-income community of students and families.

Through the nurturing and sustenance of a state-of-the-art early childhood facility, highly-trained faculty and staff, a rigorous curriculum, adjacent exceptional K-8 community school, health suite, auditorium, gymnasium and family resource center that embraces the 21st century challenge of leveraging family strengths and extended community partnerships to revitalize the identity of a historic community, the ECC will pursue the latest, most effective research-based approaches to meet the needs of all students, their families and a revitalized East Baltimore community.

Using a blended funding model to achieve mixed-income goals to promote maximum diversity, the young learner population of the Early Childhood Center will include families paying market-rate tuition, as well as families from federally subsidized Early Head Start and Head Start.

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The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

From the 1889 opening of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, to the opening of the School of Medicine four years later, there emerged the concept of combining research, teaching and patient care. This model, the first of its kind, would lead to a national and international reputation for excellence and discovery.
Today, Johns Hopkins uses one overarching name—Johns Hopkins Medicine—to identify its entire medical enterprise. This $5 billion system unites the physicians and scientists of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with the health professionals and facilities that make up the broad, integrated Johns Hopkins Health System.

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MICA Place

Offering programs that link art, culture and education, MICA Place is a hub for graduate study, preparing students for civic-minded careers in action-oriented community arts and social design work, as well as other professions. Programs like the MA in Social Design and the MFA in Community Arts, support community development, revitalization, health and well-being in East Baltimore and beyond through community and college engagement, educational programs and the development, documentation and dissemination of new knowledge and resources.

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Adult Education / Occupational Training

In the last five years, one in three of the area’s adults have returned to school for additional training in order to improve their employment status and security. Serving over 400 residents as of March 2012, the EBDI Workforce Pipeline continues to connect local residents with job and training opportunities. As of December 2010, East Baltimore residents were able to take advantage of 751 job placements.

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The East Baltimore Historical Library

The new library will be located on the Henderson-Hopkins School campus. Working with all age groups, it will explore how information, art, social movement and political issues flow throughout and within East Baltimore. Alongside this goal, the library will act as an annex to honor and sustain the proud legacy of East Baltimore itself.

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